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Books Updated  June 24, 2001

Some Resources for those with Multiple Sclerosis

  • Advice from medical experts at

  • Claude's Webpage - the first and only cartoon pooch with MS!

  • CLAMS - Computer Literate Advocates for Multiple Sclerosis

  • Clinical Research Centers

  • Cognitive Changes in MS by Dr. Catherine W. Britell, M.D.

  • Crutch's Corner

  • Dave Q's Solutions Web Pages

  • The DisABILITY Link Barn

  • Dr. Diane
    Brain Injury, Concussion, Stroke, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, TBI, Brain Tumor, and MS Symptom Resources

  • Fenton Area MS Group

  • James S. Huggins’ Multiple Sclerosis Pages

  • Jooly's Joint

  • LaVonne's Flight of Fancy

  • Marlii's MS Maelstrom

  • Massachusetts General Hospital Neurology Web Forum

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Medsupport FSF International

  • MS Crossroads

  • MS Help

  • MS News from Sunny Arizona

  • MS: South Cook Support Group

  • MS Reality Bytes

  • MS Watch

  • MS World

  • Multiple Sclerosis: Help and Hope

  • Multiple Sclerosis: Hope Through Research

  • PwMS Victoria

  • The Annette Funicello Fund For Neurological Disorders

  • Tim Stout's Multiple Sclerosis Page

  • Understanding Multiple Sclerosis

  • Welcome To MS Revealed

  • The World of Multiple Sclerosis

  • Organizations I'm Involved In


    This is expected to be an ever-growing list of resources. If you have found a website that you believe is useful, please let me know!

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