In Loving Memory

Mom and Me In Loving
of my mother,
Vietta May Wood
(October 1942 - May 1996)

You brushed my hair;
you held me close, and
bandaged my skinned knee.

Then the boys came knocking;
and you waited up to see,
That your growing daughter
arrived home safe and sound.

College and work
weren't all that came next,
I found a special someone
and I was barely around.

Commencement and matrimony
filled my final college days;
Then came motherhood and the
rich reward it pays.

Always you were there for me,
in the good times and the bad.
Now that you are gone,
I find I'm feeling sad.

Your warm embrace,
your kind and loving words
will live forever;
a memory in my heart.

Remember that
I Love You Mom!
although we're now apart.

Copyright 1997 - 2001 by Wendy S. Hay

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